“Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?”
Ed Wood, Orson Welles played by Vincent D’Onofrio, 1994

Shawnee has always been a great place to live.  One of the best parts is that, over the years, as our city has grown in size and population, we have been able to keep that small, warm, hometown feel. It is what we, at the Aztec Group, love about Shawnee, and it is our motivation to keep that feeling alive for generations to come. We believe that our downtown Shawnee area can, and will be even more than what it is today. 

It has the potential to become a great place for people to not only live and work, but for all of us and others to visit, eat and drink, shop, and be entertained. A place for people to congregate and enjoy an evening out with friends to do some shopping, grab a drink and something to eat, and even see a movie. As the beautification of Nieman Road began, we recognized that Shawnee needed something more to entice new businesses and more people to come downtown…something that would be the start of resurgence…that one piece from which everything around it could flourish and prosper. The Aztec Theater can be just that…an iconic piece of Shawnee’s history that all of its residents can be proud of, and that people near and far will want to visit. 

The Aztec will be that one shining piece that brings everyone back to downtown, as it did in the past. Existing downtown Shawnee businesses will greatly benefit from the increase in consumer pedestrian traffic, which in turn will entice new businesses to open in downtown Shawnee as well. Our city can grow by leaps and bounds, while still staying true to our heritage. With the Aztec Theater, our past is our future.

The City of Shawnee has taken an initiative, with revitalization efforts focused on our downtown Shawnee area. We at the Aztec Group LLC believe that our restoration and reopening of the historic Aztec Theater will be an integral part of the City’s initial plans to reinvigorate downtown Shawnee.

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